Lepage Associates manages a breadth of services and professionals, including: Various legal, engineering and construction services; as well as project management, negotiation, public policy and public administration; and business planning and analysis. We work with the most reputable professional organizations and deliver on our promise to enable success.


Indigenous Projects

Lepage Associates has extensive project management experience, particularly working with First Nation communities and businesses. We’ve successfully managed all sorts of public policy, land development, negotiation and public administration projects on behalf of First Nation clients.


“Several years of working with First Nation communities has given me exceptional knowledge of aboriginal history, issues, culture, beliefs, political structures and practices and significant insight into how culturally sensitive and respectful resolution can be achieved.”



Lepage Associates has been conducting and exceeding expectations in negotiations and negotiation strategy for over twenty years. Paul Lepage has instructed courses in advanced negotiation techniques and is a lifelong learner of the art of negotiation.


“My principled negotiation approach has brought me success, but also a reputation for fairness, integrity, credibility and innovation.”


Project Management

Project Management is a core service for Lepage Associates. We have broad experience leading diverse teams of professionals, managing schedules and budgets, business planning and providing market analysis. Our long list of successful projects in negotiation, construction, service delivery, planning, public consultation, business operations and land development were made possible by expert project management.


“I have successfully managed various businesses and can demonstrate a strong background in business planning, as well as management capacity, particularly with large groups of multi-disciplinary professionals.”


Public Policy & Administration

Paul Lepage has prepared speeches for the Prime Minister of Canada, written new constitutions for Indigenous communities, setup administration protocols for child and family services groups, and created economic development corporations and public sector business entities from the ground up. Lepage Associates is very successful at achieving government funding for projects; assessment of administrative needs; coordinating efficiency in shared service delivery; and the sustained management of these services..